transport business plan samplePurchasing a vehicle for your business is an important step in acquiring assets. A business-owned car is an asset because it is either an integral part of your business process, or will help you generate sales. Branded vehicles are also a great way to advertise even during off business hours.

To know which van to choose, here are some questions you have to answer.

What are you using the van for?

What is the nature of your business? Are you a carpooling service or a delivery agency? Do you deliver food or furniture? Are you in the moving business?

Determining the use will give you an idea of how big the van should be. If you transport people and little to no equipment, then you should choose a passenger van or a minibus. If you need to lug around sofas or desks and stuff, then a box van may be your best bet.

It’s also good to note where you’ll be parking the van. You may buy the size of van that will fit your current garage overhead capacity, but could also be better to base your vehicle size on its main usage, and look for a parking facility after.

How often and how long will you use it?

As mentioned above, vans are assets to your company. This means their depreciation will affect your bottom line.

Did you know that the moment you drive a vehicle off of the dealership, they’re already less in value? Gauge your usage to determine whether it really is necessary to purchase one. If you’re planning to use the van only once a week, it could be more economical to simply rent a vehicle.

If you really need your own vehicle to execute your service or distribute your products, choose a van that has a high resale value. These are usually ones from brands that do not churn out new models every year.

Even if you’re planning on holding onto that van for the rest of your life, it’s better to have an asset that will sell for a sizable amount in case you need to upgrade or need money urgently for something else.

best van to buy second hand

What type of van?

Here are 5 common types of van:

Crew van

This one has several rows of seats, ideally for transporting people with minimal or small luggage. This type of van is best for manpower-intensive services like house cleaning, gardening, home service stylists, or even carpooling.

Luton van

This one has a big box attached to the back of the driver and passenger cab with extra space hanging over it. This type of van is best for moving services.

Box van

This one is basically a luton van without the space extension over the cab. This type of van is often used for delivery and courier services, mobile dog grooming, or even for converting into ice cream, milk, or food trucks.

Panel van

This one comes in a variety of roof heights that can be adjusted according to your business’ needs. The sides and the back are windowless, which offer ample flat surfaces for good van wrapping and delacs. This is usually the van you see in movies that are posing as innocent cleaning service vans but where secret agent teams are hidden, listening to conversations.

City van

This is the most basic one and is basically a family van or a minivan. If your primary need is a vehicle that will transport you and a couple other people to and from appointments, and don’t plan on traversing the countryside, this is the van for you.

Brand new or Second-hand?

As we mentioned above, resale price is important, so get a brand new van if your budget allows it. While there are a multitude of good quality used vans out there, it’s better to err on the side of caution and avoid the usual pitfalls of second-hand vehicles like hidden faults and frequent breakdowns.