Cycling is made more fun with the help of single speed bicycles due to its resiliently low maintenance mechanism and lightweight properties – which is ideal for daily back-and-forth travel and hassle-free traffic. Other unique features of single speed bikes emphasize a remarkable flip-flop hub, outstanding brake system, and high-performance wheels.

In choosing a single speed bike, one must consider several things before buying impulsively. Here are some important characteristics of single speed bikes that you should take into account – style, weight, and price.charge grinduro

Examine the styles closely

Single speed bicycles are closely built to compete with racing bikes as it is perfect for speedy pedaling that is pleasant for both short and long distances. If you require commuting to lengthy distances, you can try selecting the minimalist style that is aesthetically eye-pleasing and comfortable to ride on.

In short-distance travels in cities, the classic bicycle design is best to fulfill your needs. The classic ones are also comfortably similar to the minimalistic ones, but they are intended for cycling in urban places.

For adventure seekers who prefer to travel off the straight roads, Cyclo-Cross design bikes are the best option but they come at higher prices. These bikes are reasonably set in this price because of its durability and geometric structure that can resist the track’s roughness and bulkiness.

Check the bike’s weight

When talking about weight, you are actually dealing with the frame materials that are used to build the bike, mainly a steel or aluminum bike frame. It is actually a popular misconception that steel bikes are heavier than the aluminum ones. Although there are some steel bikes that are about as light as aluminum, aluminum is still lighter with the same volume. They are less heavy so it could maintain its bulkiness to keep the same strength. After all, the bike’s weight still depends on the frame designing technique.

Do not be deceived by the weight of a bike. Normally, cheaper bikes are built with substandard frame composite materials resulting in a large weight. On the other hand, the expensive bikes are made from high quality frame composite materials that will make them lighter and easier to pedal.

Look for a reasonable price

A higher budget can bring you to a better bike, naturally. Nevertheless, overspending is also not a good choice and you might want to look for good reasons in buying an expensive bike.

If you are quite tight on budget, priorities should always come first than your wants. Spending in a heavy weight bike is all right as it is good for muscle training and it only bothers you during climbing and acceleration. Additionally, if your priority is the bike’s design and style, go for it.

However, when your budget comes in a wide range, remember to take note of the essentials, and do the process of elimination depending on your considerations. Overall, $470 bikes are regarded as budget bikes, $540 bikes are affordable and good quality, and anything above are bikes with extra features and modifications.