Finally, You Will Know How Many Millions Of Dollars It Costs To Manufacture A Formula 1 Car

The F1 is one of the world’s most prestigious sporting events, and, mostly, that’s because the cars you see on the track. Besides being one of the most glamorous sports, it is the highest discipline in the world. Here we explain in some points why F1 cars are so expensive.

Each of these supercars is built correctly. All the components form a masterpiece. Now you can understand why there is so much frustration on the track when a car collides.

F1 Car Range

The average cost of an F1 car ranges from $ 10 million (€ 9 million). However, this price may vary depending on the general manufacturing and adjustments. We are going to dismantle the car and find out the cost of each part.

Steering Wheel

In regular cars, the steering wheel is only an instrument to control the direction. But in F1, it is something much more important. In this sport, the steering wheel is incredibly complex, since it contains the control panel of the car that is highly sophisticated.

Pilots Control

The pilots control the whole car through this instrument. From the steering wheel are changed speeds, is the radio to communicate with the team, the speed controller for the pit area, the regenerative brake (KERS), the mobility of the rear spoiler, and much more.

The configuration of each flyer is different.

Rear spoiler

What makes a F1 car so fast is not only its powerful engine, but also the entire aerodynamic system of its body. There are two main points in the aerodynamics of F1: downforce and drag.

The downforce pushes the tires to the track. The closer the car is to the road, the more speed it will develop.

Drag Reduction System

One of the latest improved technologies of the F1 is the Drag Reduction System. It is essential to minimize the drag for the best performance of the car.

Rear Spoiler

The correct functioning in the aerodynamics of a car is not possible without the rear spoiler, that is why the high cost of this piece.

Fuel tank

Even though F1 cars use a fuel similar to road cars, the gas tank is very different. The fuel tank in F1 is strictly regulated.

It must be manufactured from materials approved by the FIA (International Automobile Federation). In the car, the tank must be located exactly behind the driver, in front of the engine. It is completely sealed to protect the driver in case of an accident. This area of the car is reinforced to withstand extreme impacts.

What Make Car Racing Sport so Popular?

famous car racesVehicular racing isn’t exactly a modern sport. In ancient times, Roman soldiers raced their chariots in the same fashion for honor and glory.

In modern days, the need for fast vehicles was heralded by a highly profitable and equally illegal venture: smuggling whiskey into the USA. To avoid getting caught by cops, the  smugglers need to be much much faster than them.

So they needed fast cars. The sports for modern guys, coupled with glamor, super heroism and athletic power was born. It eventually fueled the sports and muscle building products and brands sub-industry with mushrooming legal and non-legal forms flying all over the internet and offline.

Fast forward some decades later, manufacturing caught up to the demand of speed. Car racing even produced a hugely successful movie franchise. Here are the main reasons why people love to watch or participate in car racing.

Sign of Masculinity and Domination

touring car racingAkin to its ancient version, winning an auto race means you are “the man”. This is more prevalent in drag races where competitors tweak their own cars to make it perform better a la Fast and the Furious.

These races involve mechanicing and driving skills that are seen as very “masculine”. Even more so when you’re driving a muscle car. Sometimes, drag races require the loser to hand over his vehicle to the winner, which could be humiliating and disheartening to someone who worked so hard on his car.

Adrenaline and Excitement

With high speed involved, there’s always a corresponding high risk of fatal accidents happening. The life-and-death aspect coupled with speed really kicks up the adrenaline. Not only the drivers experience this; spectators get to experience races vicariously through watching. It’s also a high when your favorite driver wins.

Skill and Innovation

Two of the most famous car races are Nascar and Formula One. Nascar is American and uses what look like normal cars to go around an oval track several times. Of course, the fastest one wins.

Formula One is its European counterpart and uses what is generally referred to as a “race car” (the low ones with giant tires).

Three factors influence a victory: driver’s skill, team’s decision-making, and science and technology.

There are tire changes involved, so teams need to plan the timing of replacements accordingly. The type of tire to be used should suit the road as well. As for NASCAR, the car make could be faster when turning corners or going straight, so they need to compute for that as well.

The most prized probably is the driver’s skill. Going more than 200mph leaves one very little space for thinking, and an error can cost lives. So quick thinking and exact reflexes can win the race, which is why racers are revered and compensated so much.

Money + Glitz and Glamor

Besides the prize, other forms of money is involved in car races. Just like horse racing, some people do take bets, which are not entirely legal. Also, some races, particularly Formula One, take place in posh areas like Paris and Monaco and are attended by A-list celebrities. These races serve as another “it” place to be, which is quite aspirational to ordinary folk.

35 Years Ago, McLaren Manufactured Its First Carbon Fiber Monocoque

f1 carbon fiberToday, we assume that modern supercars have a carbon fiber monocoque chassis. It is an ideal choice for its ability to combine a great lightness with a rigidity without equal. Without going any further, the monocoque of a car like the McLaren P1 weighs less than 100 kilograms. Since the 90s its use has been democratized in the segment, and already begins to be seen in more “mundane” cars like the BMW 7 Series or the Alfa Romeo 4C. Maybe you did not know is that on your screens you have the grandfather of all of them. He is 35 years old.

Aerospace technology for circuits

“At the beginning of the 80s, only a few companies in the aerospace sector began to play with carbon fiber.”

It was the year 1979. John Barnard had been working in the United States in the Indy Car Series, creating aerodynamic bodies with ground effect. He went back to his native England and went to talk to his boss, one Ron Dennis, who worked for a company called McLaren. This team had planned to surprise the world with a new car in the 1981 season. John Barnard, through several acquaintances, was then interested in the new composite materials that the aerospace industry was beginning to use at the time.
semi monocoqueSpecifically, carbon fiber. As hard as steel, and much lighter than aluminum. Thanks to its great strength, a sturdy, smaller chassis could be built – practically in any way possible – leaving more room for aerodynamic design. When he told British Aerospace of his desire to use his autoclaves to build a monocoque carbon fiber chassis for a Formula 1, they looked at him weirdly. Nobody had ever made a similar assignment, and the company considered it too risky.

“The first tests of the monocoque revealed a rigidity 2.5 times higher than a comparable aluminum chassis.”

It was in Salt Lake City – in Utah, United States – where through a professional contact; he contacted a company called Hercules Aerospace. This company had been working for the United States Army for years, and specialized in the manufacture of high-power engines for military weapons: they manufactured missile propellers capable of destroying entire countries. His research and development department had been experimenting with carbon fiber for years.
When Barnard told them his idea, such was his enthusiasm that two days later the Briton was flying to Utah with several plans and a 1: 3 scale model of the new MP4 / 1, billed at the warehouse. Soon after, a large package arrived at Working: the first monocoque chassis of the McLaren MP4 / 1, built entirely of carbon fiber. The first tests revealed rigidity 2.5 times higher than a comparable aluminum frame, with identical weight. These figures that amazed Ron Dennis himself and the entire McLaren team.
With a thickness suitable for the monocoque, the result was a Formula 1 30% lighter than the McLaren F30 and equipped with an even more rigid chassis.

The accident at 250 km / h that convinced the skeptics

There were still skeptics. Many did not believe in carbon fiber, which they saw as a technology that was too new. In fact, they thought that the car would disintegrate in a cloud of dust before the first accident and that it would be nothing competitive in the race. The victory of the MP4 / 1 in the Great Prize of England in Silver stone silenced the critics who doubted the performance of the single-seater. But many still doubted the safety of the car in the event of an accident. An accident at 250 km / h put the final point to the discussion.

Do’s and Don’t of Driving a Race Car

Nearly all racers experience the same dilemma – maintaining and improving positions. In order to grab the skills in short-track racing, one must practice this trial-and-error sport but most racers are deficient in leisure time and spending a large fortune just to test new strategies and concepts. For some instances, even these practiced action plan is not applicable until racers feel the competition’s heat, and being lucky enough there are only limited time to apply your trained setup. If these layouts did not work for a racer, it is still fortunate for having the opportunity to devise a new one.

race car lessons

In times of trouble, you only have two options in a late-night practice with a competition waiting the next day: the more experienced racers’ counsel and relying on your abilities and techniques. Making mistakes can be dearly and risky, and cost you a large sum so it is way better to stay away from bad driving habits before the start of the competition. For the sake of not committing errors, a racer must know the do’s and don’ts of driving a race car.


 Stay in your line

Following a racer in front of you to confuse him will definitely put you in trouble. It is a misconception for racers to be in the same line as your competitor while following him as the committed mistake will be yours, not him. When trailing a challenger, look for ways to go around him and catch him off-guard. With these means, move in a different line that will totally be yours only, try a new point – try anything that will make him commit the error and use it to your full advantage.

Get your spotter

Have a trained and educated team member is essential to help your back, alert you what is happening around, and relay as much as information that you need to know. A good spotter is always reliable and observant – informing you whether the leading car plans to stack up the field before taking off during the eleventh hour or precisely taking the green flag.

Your spotter can actually make a difference on the result of your race. Without his help, it would actually be difficult in outsmarting the other challengers and can get you on the wrong track. So, get yourself a good spotter with good eyesight and communication skills.

nascar experience las vegas DON’TS

Do not overdrive

Pushing your race car beyond its limits is a major mistake. You are pressuring you car by generating too much than your car and tires can utilize. Most racers get used to their own habits and do not realize that they are going too hard. It is significant to not get used to overdriving as doing so can damage your car entirely.

Whenever you are both utilizing the gas pedal and breaks, the breaks can heat up excessively, making the car more unmanageable to rotate and change direction. Keep in mind that a slower car with more control is better than a fast car that is uncontrollable.

Be careful with your tires

How do you tell the difference between reckless drivers from the proper ones? It is by how they communicate with their car tires. Most reckless drivers make the mistake of abusing their tires and tubes are the first parts of the car that catches the abuse.

Throttling and spinning the tires too much can actually “fry” the rear tires especially on short tracks and tricky turns. When the tires heat up excessively, the thing called “goodie” gets burned that lowers your advantage during the game. Keep practicing with your tires to know their characteristics better.

These are just some of the dos and don’ts when driving a race car. But most importantly, do not forget to have fun and be sport to both your teammates and competitors!

How to Select the Right Single Speed Bikes

Cycling is made more fun with the help of single speed bicycles due to its resiliently low maintenance mechanism and lightweight properties – which is ideal for daily back-and-forth travel and hassle-free traffic. Other unique features of single speed bikes emphasize a remarkable flip-flop hub, outstanding brake system, and high-performance wheels.

In choosing a single speed bike, one must consider several things before buying impulsively. Here are some important characteristics of single speed bikes that you should take into account – style, weight, and price.charge grinduro

Examine the styles closely

Single speed bicycles are closely built to compete with racing bikes as it is perfect for speedy pedaling that is pleasant for both short and long distances. If you require commuting to lengthy distances, you can try selecting the minimalist style that is aesthetically eye-pleasing and comfortable to ride on.

In short-distance travels in cities, the classic bicycle design is best to fulfill your needs. The classic ones are also comfortably similar to the minimalistic ones, but they are intended for cycling in urban places.

For adventure seekers who prefer to travel off the straight roads, Cyclo-Cross design bikes are the best option but they come at higher prices. These bikes are reasonably set in this price because of its durability and geometric structure that can resist the track’s roughness and bulkiness.

Check the bike’s weight

When talking about weight, you are actually dealing with the frame materials that are used to build the bike, mainly a steel or aluminum bike frame. It is actually a popular misconception that steel bikes are heavier than the aluminum ones. Although there are some steel bikes that are about as light as aluminum, aluminum is still lighter with the same volume. They are less heavy so it could maintain its bulkiness to keep the same strength. After all, the bike’s weight still depends on the frame designing technique.

Do not be deceived by the weight of a bike. Normally, cheaper bikes are built with substandard frame composite materials resulting in a large weight. On the other hand, the expensive bikes are made from high quality frame composite materials that will make them lighter and easier to pedal.

Look for a reasonable price

A higher budget can bring you to a better bike, naturally. Nevertheless, overspending is also not a good choice and you might want to look for good reasons in buying an expensive bike.

If you are quite tight on budget, priorities should always come first than your wants. Spending in a heavy weight bike is all right as it is good for muscle training and it only bothers you during climbing and acceleration. Additionally, if your priority is the bike’s design and style, go for it.

However, when your budget comes in a wide range, remember to take note of the essentials, and do the process of elimination depending on your considerations. Overall, $470 bikes are regarded as budget bikes, $540 bikes are affordable and good quality, and anything above are bikes with extra features and modifications.



What Formula One is Missing

Michael Schumacher, Juan Manuel Fangio, Alain Prost, Sebastian Vettel, Niki Lauda, Giuseppe Farina, James Hunt and the like – Formula One enthusiasts get excited upon hearing these names. It has been motorsport’s most successful point for the last five decades and has astonished fans with their world champions, including the forenamed racers.

As technology advances, the globe has witnessed the improvements of Formula One such as front and rear wings and an incredible speed. Several manufacturers like McLaren, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Mercedes, and the others started contributing engines to the world of Formula One, and it continued sport australia

But nowadays, something wrong is going on in the Formula One universe. What element is Formula One missing, to be capable of rebuilding its large fan base and fulfill the competitive drivers’ thirst in racing?

Regardless of the success and development made by Formula One, they seem to have lost their streak at the present time. Several known classic motor racing circuits have been removed from calendar comprising the Imola in Italy and Magny Cours in France, and there were alleged reports that Monza, also in Italy will also be withdrew while Imola is reportedly trying to save the sport by hosting the Italian GP.

The cost for fans and teams of Formula One is rapidly rising. With the rising prices of tickets in the motor sport, the number of spectators is also diminishing relatively, and values of staying in the sport and expanding cars are causing damage to teams particularly the smaller. Before the 2014 season, the Caterham’s factory was searched and forced to withdraw in two races.

Because of this, Formula One caught the crowd’s attention and they asked, is the sport going on a downfall? They have been experiencing a load of reactions from the audience base that – there was a missing element that needs to be established, so that Formula One can rebuild its large fan base and fulfill the thirst of competitive racers in the game. There are some solutions that are being thought of including canceling the refueling ban for the development of strategic decisions; shutting down of cockpits for security purposes, concerning the fatal accident that almost happened to Jules Bianchi in Suzuka four years ago that made the Frenchman lie low on his career today.

Some regulations were also implemented wherein teams should ensure that tires are properly fitted and the presence of media persons in the pock with a limitation. The tire regulation has been enacted because a cameraman was accidentally hit by Mark Webber’s Red Bull as a wheel became loose five years ago. A number of notable accidents had happened in the past few years, which may have caused Formula One being turned off.f1 red bull news

Another theory made as to why Formula One’s fame has diminished was the excessive streak of a particular year in an interval of time. For instance, Sebastian Vettel faced a struggle in bringing the bacon home due to his competitive rivals Lewis Hamilton, Mark Webber, Fernando Alonso, and Jenson Button but was crowned a champion for four straight years from 2010 to 2013. The quality of the competition served as the essence and life of Formula One during its peak, but there came a time where Michael Schumacher’s dominance was titled as abnormal for the motor sport, but still he competed with fierce members too during his profession.

To refresh Formula One in the motor sport universe, some old and experienced racers assumed that it is inevitable to take a step back during the old days, where drivers are continuously debuting and stepping at the highest points of their work. Before Schumacher’s era, they meant going back to Formula One’s speedy vehicles, adventurous racers that can make their engines ramble and can perform marvelous moves, and not weakly grass cutters that whine in doing risky moves they have today.

Not long ago, a global survey was organized by the Grand Prix Drivers Association (GPDA) led by Alexander Wurz, Jenson Button, and Sebastian Vettle that inquired the Formula One enthusiasts to what changes and improvements should Formula One have. The GPDA launched this survey in order to learn the fans’ opinions and recommendations, so that drivers, teams, and organizers of Formula can all work together and try to bring a history-changing event that everyone would anticipate, to make Formula One a better sport catering for all individuals with interests in this field.

The Five Best Cars Of Formula 1 According To Pat Symonds

In an interview with the German publication Auto Motor und Sport, Pat Symonds, current technical director of the Williams team, made a selection of the five cars that, in his opinion, were the most significant in the history of Formula 1. He explained that he chose the Lotus 49 of 1967, the Renault RS 01 of 1977, the Lotus 79 of 1978, the McLaren MP4 / 4 of 1988 and the Williams FW14B of 1992; by their concepts, which radically changed the course of the category.

f1 podcastSymonds, who began his career in Formula 1 in 1981, in the development area of the Toleman team, has been an engineer assigned to Ayton Senna and Michael Schumacher; and he has also worked in the technical department of Reynard, Benetton, Renault and Marussia; He felt the charm for the design, engineering, and construction of racing cars in 1967, at the age of fourteen, when he witnessed a Formula 2 race, in which Jackie Stewart, John Surtees, and Graham Hill participated. There he had the opportunity to observe a Ford GT40 and that same year he also had the pleasure of seeing a Lotus 49 since then everything in his life has been related to Formula 1.

The next one in chronological order is the Renault RS 01, the first car with a turbo engine in Formula 1. Although it was not a dominant car,

Symonds included it in its selection because of its daring concept and its historical value as the French bet, which included Michelin radial tires, showed that almost 40 years after that event, the turbo engine was the future of the category.

Integrated Design Of The Aerodynamics

f1 2018 car launchesFollow the Lotus 79, recognized for confirming the validity of the ground effect concept in racing. The importance of this creation of Colin Chapman lies in the fact of being copied by the rest of the teams, a situation that caused an escalation in the development of aerodynamics.

Of course, the McLaren MP4 / 4 Honda should be included in all the selections of the best Formula 1 cars, a car that reached the scandalous figure of 15 victories in 16 races. However, for Symonds, the vehicle itself was not innovative, but all its elements were always better than those of the competition. The integrated design of the aerodynamics with the engine was unsurpassed for rivals such as Ferrari, Williams, and Benetton.

Finally, Symonds referred to the Williams FW14B and did it extensively because by that time he was working as an engineer for the Benetton team, where he worked to make the B193 a worthy rival to the Grove car. Active suspension, ABS, traction control, automatic transmission, four-wheel steering and a system of aid to the pilot based on the transfer of information instantaneously were the tools of the Benetton, but even so, they could present more excellent resistance to what they had built in Williams.

Lamborghini Veneno: The Three Million Euro Car

Lamborghini, one of the brands of the all-powerful Grupo VW, turns 50 and has celebrated it with the Poison. Undoubtedly, the best car manufactured in its history and almost a racing-client approved for the street by the mechanical elements used (engine, suspension or change), aerodynamics and the materials with which it is built.

Only three units will be manufactured, which have already been acquired by two American buyers and one Arab. The disbursement, three million euros without taxes, makes this car the most expensive in the world unseating the W Motors Lykan Hypersports, which was presented at the Hall of Qatar and cost 2.4 million euros.

Expand photo

The chosen name is based on the world of the bull, which is the logo of the brand. Thus, Veneno was one of the strongest, fastest and most aggressive ‘morals’ in history, sadly famous as well for the death of the bullfighter José Sánchez Rodríguez in 1914, on the sand of the Sanlucar de Barrameda square.

Also, the car has ‘bad milk,’ although in this case comes from the V12 engine of 6.5 liters capacity and 750 horses, which has improved the thermodynamics, increased the maximum speed and reduced the back pressure of the exhaust (i.e., more noise but also more horses). This propeller is associated with a seven-speed change that can be configured in five modes and transmits the power to the four wheels. The benefits overwhelm: accelerates from 0 to 100 in 2.8 seconds, and the maximum speed is 355 kilometers per hour.

lamborghini veneno top speed	lamborghini veneno for sale lamborghini veneno interior

Exemplary Aerodynamics

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However, the Poison is even more spectacular because of its forms, nothing gratuitous, and for the materials. So its body full of appendages, air intakes, diffusers or ailerons (even a shark type that extends the cover of the engine) is a miracle of aerodynamics. It is sought, above all, to increase the adherence of the vehicle at very high speed, in bends and braking and also to cool to the maximum elements such as the engine or the brakes.

For example, the wheels (20 inches in front and 21 behind) have perforated the outer part of the ring, which allows creating turbulence that cools the discs. And that is about very expensive ceramic carbon discs. As in racing cars, the tires are held by a single nut while the suspensions are of the pushrod type, as in single-seaters.

Lamborghini, an expert in the use of latest generation materials, has applied this knowledge by building both the monocoque chassis and the carbon fiber body, adding aluminum for the front and rear sub-chassis, while the interior has patented the use of others new for the construction of the seats or the coverings of the whole interior. It is a carbon fiber fabric (CarbonSkin is called) that is soaked with a particular resin that stabilizes the structure of the fiber but makes it very flexible so that it fits any shape and saves kilos.

Tips on How to Choose the Right Van for Your Business

transport business plan samplePurchasing a vehicle for your business is an important step in acquiring assets. A business-owned car is an asset because it is either an integral part of your business process, or will help you generate sales. Branded vehicles are also a great way to advertise even during off business hours.

To know which van to choose, here are some questions you have to answer.

What are you using the van for?

What is the nature of your business? Are you a carpooling service or a delivery agency? Do you deliver food or furniture? Are you in the moving business?

Determining the use will give you an idea of how big the van should be. If you transport people and little to no equipment, then you should choose a passenger van or a minibus. If you need to lug around sofas or desks and stuff, then a box van may be your best bet.

It’s also good to note where you’ll be parking the van. You may buy the size of van that will fit your current garage overhead capacity, but could also be better to base your vehicle size on its main usage, and look for a parking facility after.

How often and how long will you use it?

As mentioned above, vans are assets to your company. This means their depreciation will affect your bottom line.

Did you know that the moment you drive a vehicle off of the dealership, they’re already less in value? Gauge your usage to determine whether it really is necessary to purchase one. If you’re planning to use the van only once a week, it could be more economical to simply rent a vehicle.

If you really need your own vehicle to execute your service or distribute your products, choose a van that has a high resale value. These are usually ones from brands that do not churn out new models every year.

Even if you’re planning on holding onto that van for the rest of your life, it’s better to have an asset that will sell for a sizable amount in case you need to upgrade or need money urgently for something else.

best van to buy second hand

What type of van?

Here are 5 common types of van:

Crew van

This one has several rows of seats, ideally for transporting people with minimal or small luggage. This type of van is best for manpower-intensive services like house cleaning, gardening, home service stylists, or even carpooling.

Luton van

This one has a big box attached to the back of the driver and passenger cab with extra space hanging over it. This type of van is best for moving services.

Box van

This one is basically a luton van without the space extension over the cab. This type of van is often used for delivery and courier services, mobile dog grooming, or even for converting into ice cream, milk, or food trucks.

Panel van

This one comes in a variety of roof heights that can be adjusted according to your business’ needs. The sides and the back are windowless, which offer ample flat surfaces for good van wrapping and delacs. This is usually the van you see in movies that are posing as innocent cleaning service vans but where secret agent teams are hidden, listening to conversations.

City van

This is the most basic one and is basically a family van or a minivan. If your primary need is a vehicle that will transport you and a couple other people to and from appointments, and don’t plan on traversing the countryside, this is the van for you.

Brand new or Second-hand?

As we mentioned above, resale price is important, so get a brand new van if your budget allows it. While there are a multitude of good quality used vans out there, it’s better to err on the side of caution and avoid the usual pitfalls of second-hand vehicles like hidden faults and frequent breakdowns.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Lifted Truck

You tend to look for a car that can be suitable for your adventures? Or if you are a car enthusiast, are you looking for a car that can be modified as your ideal car? Looking for the right car for you to upgrade is one of car enthusiast’s dream. It’s great to have such talent like pimping our rides. It is an advantage if you have your own old car and remodel it the way you like or have its new face. If you have a pick-up truck, it can possibly be transformed into a lifted truck if you want to.

remodeling carsWhat is a Lifted Truck?

Some car enthusiasts are good in modifying and remodeling cars. They sometimes replace spare parts in the car to give them a dose of speed or upgrade them the way they like it. Lifted trucks are upgraded pick-up cars. Some car providers have already revolutionized these cars. These trucks are mostly used for sports or for car shows. It can also be used whether on or off-roads too. It can also be used whether for work or for shows. If you are looking for one of these, what are the things that you need to consider before buying it?

The Price

You should know first the price of the cars since this come hand in hand with the quality of the truck that you are looking for. It should always be your priority. You can’t buy one if you don’t have a budget for it so better be knowledgeable with the price.

spare partsKnow Where to Get it

As mentioned, you should know where to get your car. You should also ask what’s the best trucks they have or tell them the model of your preference. That works too. You should also know where the truck came from as well as the spare parts or the components of the truck.


All cars provide a span of guarantee for the maintenance for your truck. They should also provide a 90 or 30-day return policy. You should look for the best warranty services or perks that you are comfortable with. Whether if it is for years or for months. It still depends on your preference.

Providing History of Repairing

Some car companies provide services like remodeling or modifying cars and trucks. You have to keep in track with how they will do it and its history. You always have to be aware of the procedures and the things that will happen if there are certain changes in the engine or in some parts of your truck.

Mentioned above, these are just some of the things that you need to reconsider to buy lifted trucks. In sports, vacation or just for casual use, you should know what you look for and consider some attributes in looking for one.

Are Used Auto Parts Better Than New Ones?

Most people today would want to have a car as their means of transportation. Whether it be used for work or school, everyone desires to have just one car in their life. For some, they already have one but having some difficulties to maintain it. For those of you who don’t have a car yet, it is better for you to understand the cars have its own body parts too. For car savvies, they are very aware of each part of the car and its uses. If there are problems in the engines of your car, you might want to call a mechanic to let your car checked. Now, a mechanic gives you an option if you want a used one or a new auto part. What will you choose? The used or the new?

wreckers melbourneThere are advantages and disadvantages of using used auto parts in the overall function and performance of the car. You can go through junk shops and salvage yards just to look for certain spare parts that you desire for the car’s problem.  In this day, it is easy for you to know whether or not its beneficial for the car to try and test the parts that you desire just by searching the net. If you are a car savvy, you know the parts that you are looking for a car whether you want to customize and upgrade your car. What are the things that you should look for these spare parts?


Quality is one of the most important aspects of looking for a spare part since you want the part to function longer as much as possible. You should be vigilant in choosing the right machine for your car, especially if you are going to upgrade something. You should also be known to the part that you are looking for. Don’t just go over with the name of the spare part because some names can be deceiving at times.


car parts onlineIn connection with quality, you also have to make sure that the price of the auto part that you are looking for is worth the quality. Some have the lowest price but the quality is not that good. Some are expensive but they also give you unsatisfying result to the car’s function. Check if the price suits the quality of the parts.


This is the most imperative part of looking for good car spare parts. Is it durable? For you to test if this is would last long is that you have to have a test before purchasing it. Some yards and shops provide trial and errors for durability testing. It also corresponds to the quality and price of the spare parts that you want to buy your car. Ask for assistance and also be known for the parts that you are looking for.

The trick here whether or not to go with used auto parts or new ones? Answer? It depends. It depends on your taste. It depends on your preference. You see, you need to know exactly what you are looking for. You should at the same time be knowledgeable with some spare parts that you want to put in your car. If you are a rookie in trying to fix the damage or the problem in your car or have zero knowledge about spare parts, asking is the key. You have to ask sometimes. People who are in this field knows it all. They will recommend you sometimes the used one or the new one and they conduct inspections (in some shops) or show you the right engine or parts that are suitable for your car. Just remember the things mentioned above and for sure you will distinguish whether or not it is suitable for you to buy used or brand new spare parts. Besides, it is expected that if you have a car, you should always maintain it.